The Power Of Understanding “WHY”

Understanding what you want and authenticity of your desires are more important than understanding “how” you will ultimately get what you want. Goals usually represent something we want to achieve. But the question is, what is the driving force behind your goals? Understanding this aspect of your desires will help determine if you are in alignment with your soul’s journey or if you or concerned with pleasing external others for internal acceptance. This is not to say that others will not be pleased with your accomplishments, but your decision to achieve your goals cannot be for the purpose of external praise. As you begin to think about your “why” you may experience thoughts that some may label “selfish.” For this exercise, ignore those thoughts and quickly move on to the next positive thought. Get a piece of paper and fold it in half. On one side write down all of the goals that you want to achieve during the next five years. On the other side provide a detailed description of why you want to reach that goal.  For example, if your goal is to be debt free, your “why” section may say something to the effect of “I want to be debt free so that I can have the freedom to make decisions about my life based on what I love to do instead of what I need to do. If your goal is to lose weight your “why” section may say, “I want lose weight so that I can be healthy and have more energy each day.” Another reason could be, “I want to live to see my children and grandchildren grow up.” Whatever your “why” you must be very clear about why you have selected each goal, and none of them should demonstrate the need for someone else to validate you.  Once you feel confident about your “whys” be careful to avoid becoming overwhelmed with how it will all work.  Often you will not know “how” you will achieve the goals you have identified, but if you are clear about your reasons “why” your personal energy is more likely to align with the Universe/God/Higher Power/ the Leader of your Soul. Once you are in alignment with your Source the “how” is in great hands! The final step of this exercise is to tear the paper in half.  Place the side with your goals in a safe place. Take the remaining side and put it somewhere that will allow you to read it every day or throughout the day. In three months read the side of the paper with your goals, and marvel at how much closer you are!!!