Original Unspoken Word

The following are copy written original works from Tan Re’ Jefferies poems and short stories collection. Do not copy, reproduce or use any portion of the works on this page without expressed written consent from Tan Re’ Jefferies. If you have an origional unspoken word piece that you would like to submit you can send an email request to info@energyexchangenetwork.com.

November 3, 2013: My Soul Cried Out

Today my soul cried. It cried out to me, but all I could hear was the music, laughter and constant chatter from my outer ear. My soul cried out. It cried out to me, but all I could feel were the fears wrapped in tears entangled in sheets of rain missing my shield and magnifying my pain.

My soul cried out. It cried out to me. I thought I heard something very low, but oh so sweet. I stopped right there, in the middle of the street. I tried to listen, but I could not hear me. I heard you, you and you.

My soul cried out. It cried out to me in the language of my swollen feet, misfiring nerves, prostate conditions, varying breast conditions, heart palpitations, shadows of sadness worry and doubt. It cried out in pitches of anxiety, a thick waist, blood conditions, back volition and sleep stolen and taken to other dimensions. My soul cried out.

My soul cried out and declared, “you will hear me.” Be it through pain, joy or tears. You will hear me. Hear me and listen when I say I love you so much that I will continue to speak in ways that will allow your disregard to be breached. Though you may try to ignore me, I continue to CRY OUT. I am crying out. Please, hear me and set us free. My soul cried out. It cried out to me! Shh, for I must listen when it speaks. -TRJ

July 11, 2013: Rejoice In The Flame

Rejoice in the flame. In every ember rejoice for the dissipation of mystery and pain. The joy of the magical dancing embers that out shines all of the doubt and wonder held within. No unencumbered hope of what could be. For all that is… is what it should be. While all is pointing down remember to celebrate and rejoice in the freedom of the flame. The freedom of the wind flowing through every fiber and giving fresh breathe to continue to rise higher.

Rejoice in the flame for all of the things the soul came to be. Rejoice in the flames for the experiences that will not be seen in the fluttering off one’s heart on this scene. For all that is hoped will one day be for all the world to see.  Embrace the freedom while rejoicing in the flame. There may be cries for memories, but do not waste your time crying for thee. For I rejoice in the flame that is now one with me.  I celebrate all that was and all that will be. But there is so much more that my soul is eager to see.  I rejoice in the flame. -TRJ