The Life You Desire Is Within Your Reach…just stretch a little!

Every January like moths to a flame people all over the world decide to make new year’s resolutions, and by Valentine’s Day most of those resolutions have found a safe home behind the running shoes in the back of closets and in the back minds of most.  Now it is March, and it is to take stock of the New Year’s resolutions you made on January 1, 2013. If you are still committed to and fulfilling your resolutions…CONGRATULATIONS! You have made it further than most.  However, if you have forgotten that you made resolutions or if you have gradually given up on your resolutions then it is clear that this it is time for you to do something different. So, instead of mentally beating yourself up let’s say to hell with the common annual resolutions such as exercising, eating right, and finding true love. Instead, lets choose to say hello to the idea that it is time to put in the energy and the effort to get your thinking, beliefs and emotional energy right! This decision will produce sustained progress in all of the areas of your life where you have identified the need to create new year’s resolutions! The life you desire is within your reach…just stretch a little and stay tuned for upcoming posts describing the steps we will take on this journey together!

Our Authentic Work of 2013: The Journey Back To The Soul

The work of 2013 is to enjoy the journey back to your soul and to begin living the life that you were intended to live.  Your soul is always supporting you, guiding you, and communicating with you. You do not have to take any physical action today. Today, all you do is decide that you will have an open ear to hear and a willing heart to travel the road leading to this magnificent journey. The universe will yield to your decision, and orchestrate the path that is before you!

Join The Network!

Welcome to the Energy Exchange Network!

The Energy Exchange Network is a universal network of diverse positive thinkers seeking to live their best and most fulfilling lives. This Network is an online community that has carved out a sacred place where those seeking ongoing support, continuing education and encouragement to live their dreams can come and network with others on their soul’s journey! By joining the network you will have access to the full site including access to the members only area for member to member blog posts, member only emails of encouragement, member only special event invites and product discounts.  For the first 12 months Joining the Network is free. All members joining during this time period will have a lifetime free membership to the Network!


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