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The Soul Driven Life Class® series is a comprehensive set of seminars and workshops designed to create an atmosphere that encourages participants explore their soul driven purpose from a holistic perspective. This class teaches how to live a soul driven life instead of an ego driven life. The classes are held in various public spaces, community organizations, and at certified Soul Driven Life Class® parties. Please click on the EEN calendar to find upcoming Soul Driven Life Classes®.

Description of Upcoming Classes and Seminars

The Soul Driven Life Class® seminar is a three hour event that explores the soul driven purpose of participants through the use various mediums including vision boards, meditation and various individual and group exercises.

The Soul Driven Life Class® certified parties are accelarated three hour workshops for small groups of 6-8 participants. These parties are often requested for “Girls Night Out,” special celebrations, birthday parties and other intimate events.

The Soul Driven Life Class® 6-Week Certification Course (Part I) is for individuals who are highly focused on exploring and fulfilling their soul driven purpose. This 3 hour weekly class explores a new theme each week, and each week builds on lessons learned in the previous weeks. This series include meditation practices, the importance of visioning, goal setting and comprehensive personal energy (PE) exercises designed to help you understand the impact of your person energy in attracting experiences that will help you live a soul driven life.

Week One

  • Discover your soul driven purpose.
  • The clues within: Learn how to listen to the internal whispers of your soul.

Week Two

  • Understanding the role of your personal energy vibration, thoughts, emotions and beliefs in fulfilling your soul driven purpose.
  • You are what you eat, but you are also what you think.

Week Three

  • The art of creating your own joy.
  • Allowing inner peace through the good, “the bad” and “the ugly.”
  • Stop fighting and learn how to go with the flow of life.
  • Unlimited resources versus limited  thinking.

Week Four

  • The choice is yours: enlightenment and expansion or disillusionment and depression.
  • The abundance of the Universe is here for you.

Week Five

  • Visioning, Energy Boards, Meditation and You!
  • The ego and self-sabotage.
  • How to use stress and conflict to fulfill your soul driven purpose.

Week Six

  • Abundance, prosperity and fulfillment are within your reach!
  • The power of self healing: Mind, body and Soul.

The Soul Driven Life Class® 6-Week Certification Course (Part II) is exclusively for individuals who have completed the Part I certification course. This course is designed to help participants to stay focused on the soul driven goals developed in part I. Individuals explore the hidden beliefs and thoughts that are supporting and destroying movement towards their goal. Emotional and mind treatments are explored to facilitate shifts in personal energy. This workshop gets into the nuts and bolts of living a soul filled life daily.