I Need A Holistic Professional Life Coach

What Is Holistic Professional Life Coaching?

(Please note: we are not currently accepting new clients.)

An even better question is… are you tired of feeling like a square peg in a round hole? Well, the Energy Exchange Network (EEN) forces exclusively on everyday people that are invested in unearthing their soul driven purpose. In Holistic Professional Life Coaching you are paired with a professional life coach that is also a metaphysical practitioner. Our services are based on a holistic model of understanding the connection between the body, mind, spirit and energetic exchanges.  It is the use of that understanding that creates a safe space to support you in the unfolding the life you desire.  Our services help square pegs to find their best and most authentic square holes! Likewise, we help our round pegs find their best and most authentic round holes!

Coaching sessions focus on what is happening now and where you would like to expand in the various areas of your life.  This includes, but is not limited to,  your personal, social, emotional and financial aspects of your life.  As a team, you and the coach will clarify and establish clear soul driven goals, and explore underlying limiting beliefs that may impact fulfilling those goal(s). Together, you and your coach will also develop a spiritual/meditative practice that works for you within the your own religion and/or faith to help you live a soul filled life. As noted above, our coaches are holistic professional life coaches and metaphysical practitioners. This combination uniquely qualifies our coaches to help you identify and work towards your soul driven purpose.

It is important to understand that Holistic Professional Life Coaching is not therapy and will not substitute mental health treatment.   If you are in need of mental health treatment please call 800-854-7771 or identify qualified mental health professionals in your community.

Individual Online and Telephonic Holistic Professional Life Coaching Services

Our flexible services are designed to meet you where you are! Our individual sessions occur online via a HIPAA compliant platform or via telephone.  Completion of the 6-week Soul Driven Life Class® (Part I) certification course is highly recommended, but not required prior to starting individual therapeutic life coaching services. The completion of our certification course allows the individual sessions to be more productive from the start of services.   Please email info@energyexchangenetwork.com to be added to the list for one of the upcoming Soul Driven Life Class®certification courses.

It is very important for you and the coach to feel that you are a good vibrational match for each other and our services.  Please give us a call at 626.219.8112 if you would like to arrange a free 15 minute consultation.  (Please note: we are not currently accepting new clients.)

Now, go forward and live an inspired life!