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I Need A Holistic Life Coach

What Is Holistic Life Coaching?

Holisic Life Coaching is based on a holistic model of working with the body, mind and spirit. The EEN provides this service to individuals and small groups.  Our coaches empower, inspire and co-create with each client for the purpose of discovery and expansion of their soul driven purpose. Coaching sessions focus on what is happening in the personal, social and emotional environments as it relates to the energy the client is exchanging with the world.  As a team, the coach and the client(s) clarify and establish clear soul driven goals, and explore underlying limiting beliefs that may impact fulfilling the goal(s). The coach and the client also develop a spiritual practice that works for clients within the their own religion and/or faith to help clients live soul filled lives. Our coaches are very unique because they are licensed psychotherapists in addition to being practitioners of metaphical science. Although a holitic life coach is not a therapist, this combination uniquely qualifies them to coach clients on emotional/psychological issues impacting the mind-body-spirit connection.

Individual coaching services are only available to clients that have completed the 6-week Soul Driven Life Class™ (Part I) certification course.  This allows individual coaching sessions to be more productive from the start of services.   Please email to be added to the list for one of the upcoming Soul Driven Life Class™ certification courses.  Currently there are no available appointments for new clients, but if you have completed the course and would like to be added to the list for individual holistic life coaching or to get additional information please send an email to

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