Soul Driven Therapy

Soul Driven Therapy is an intervention used in behavioral health and life coaching that is overseen or facilitated by a licensed psychotherapist. This approach focuses on strengthening the alignment of your actions with your soul/inner being.

The ultimate goal of this style of intervention is to support and guide guide you on the path to living an inspired and soul driven life. Through this process you will develop and strengthen your own ability to make authentic decisions that supports the life you desire.

Are you tired of hearing “everything you need is already within you”?  Soul Driven Therapy is a highly individualized set of interventions and coaching skills that will help you to begin to understand and access the answers that are truly already within you.

This intervention branches out from the healing arts of psychotherapy and life coaching.  It is not based on the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual for Mental Disorders (DSM) nor is it designed to diagnose or treat severe and persistent mental illnesses.

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