Meditative Thought 2

There is a question that, at one time or another, will buzz around the brains and pump through the veins of 99.9 percent of everyone on this planet. This question can be phrased any number of ways, but it generally boils down to “what is my purpose?” If this is where you are in your life this week’s meditation is for you! Before starting this meditation you must understand that you already have the answer to your question. Your soul has dropped hints throughout your life, but you need have willing eyes and ears to pick up on the hints. You are probably saying, “my eyes and ears are open, and I have been tirelessly searching for my purpose.” To that I will say this, and then share a story with you. If you said something to this effect then your personal energy vibration is coming into alignment with your soul. When this happens your Soul will ALWAYS respond! Now to the story. One afternoon I parked my car area where flyers were being placed on windshields. After I left that area, drove approximately 30 minutes and got out of the car I finally saw the flyer. I do not recall what was on the flyer, but it was a half of a page, brightly colored and placed under the driver side windshield wiper blade. That being said, it is important to note that I did not see the flyer until I changed my perspective! The flyer was there the entire time, but I did not see it until I changed my perspective. The same is true of your purpose. It is there, but you have to change your perspective to see what has been in the front of your face. This week spend 15-30 minutes in silence each day. Before starting your silent time develop a statement or series of statements to clarify your intent for the time. It may be something along the lines of, “I remove my personality from this moment in time, and open all of my senses and my heart to be one with my Soul’s voice. I will not judge or evaluate the outcome or myself. I, my Soul, am one with God, the ultimate power in the universe, and I am wanting to know God’s purpose for my life. I open my Higher Mind to hear the voice of God within me. And so it is!”

In order to best use this exercise you should pick a time and space that will allow you to spend uninterrupted time in silence. If you can only find time to do this exercise for 5 minutes then do 5 minutes, but do it each day. If you are like me your mind will drift and wonder. If that happens just continuously refocus yourself. If negative thoughts creep in simply say, “I cancel that thought. It has no power here” and continue. This will get better with time. Soft music and a candle may also help you to stay focus. After your time is done there are several things you will need to do. The first is to keep your thoughts regarding your purpose to yourself. Then write your thoughts in your journal, effortlessly look for evidence of your purpose throughout your day, follow the tugs of your Soul/intuition, note each time you choose not to follow the tugs and the reason, also note the times that you do and the outcome. Continue this exercise until you receive clarity. And so it is!

Now, go forward and life an inspired life.

Meditative Thought 1

The answers that you need to fulfill your Soul’s purpose are already percolating within you. We already embrace God as the leader, but you must always remember that God exists within you not outside of you. This week commit to play an unrestricted game of follow the leader. This week focus on the positive aspects of each day, and keep all of your senses open to discern the evidence that God is always working on your behalf, and through you for the behalf of others. And so it is!

Now, go forward and life an inspired life.