Meditative Thought 13

Declare each day, “just for today I am going to_______.”  Fill in the blank:

  • love myself a little more
  • show appreciation for my body with the foods I choose eat
  • take a long walk and reconnect with nature
  • forgive others
  • laugh until it hurts
  • greet others with a smile
  • meditate
  • express gratitude
  • give a large tip
  • listen to the voice of my soul
  • trust myself

Committ to fulfilling your declaration without judgement, shame or doubt. Now, go forward and live an inspired life!

Meditative Thought 10

Sometimes your soul needs a quiet corner. The silence will welcome the call of your soul and keep you moving in the direction of your calling. Commit to creating that sacred space daily. Allow yourself to sit back and enjoy the current of the river.

Now, go forward and life an inspired life.

Meditative Thought 6

It’s time old soul. It’s time to embrace all of the knowledge and wisdom you have earned over time. It’s time to put away the instruments of shame, doubt, worry, and fear. It’s time. It’s time to release the subtle and strong desires not to displease. It’s time to stop smothering your voice in exchange for superficial acceptance. It’s time old soul. It’s time for you to rise and walk tall in your perfectly selected skin whose natural alterations have only brought you closer to the person you are within. It’s time to give into love and open your heart to accept love. It’s time. It’s time to speak your mind with confidence, ease and grace even when you are in a tumultuous place. It’s time. It’s time to make your own alterations, and oh what a skilled seamstress you have become. So skilled, that each stitch has its own identity. It’s time. It’s time to forget about your failed attempts in the past, and to embrace the lessons learned. For each attempt was truly a gravitational stitch to pull you in the right direction. In reality there are no failed attempts only opportunities hone your desires and bring you in to vibrational alignment with your soul. It’s time to share laughs with others, and with yourself. It’s time to allow all that God has poured into you to overflow effortlessly and remove the mold from the cracks, crevices and tight spaces. It is time to surrender to the loving Presence that has been gently guiding you and patiently waiting to formally welcome you into your Soul’s purpose. It is time. And so it is!

Now, go forward and life an inspired life.

Meditative Thought 5

Is your perceived love for someone or something based on your soul’s desires or your ego’s demands? Answer this question before you decide to make your next move. Then, step boldly into your future with an open mind and a welcoming, but wise heart. And so it is!

Now, go forward and life an inspired life.

Meditative Thought 4

The “nagging” inner spirit is a passionate inner spirit doing what it takes to fulfill its purpose. When your inner spirit “nags” it is because it knows that you are worthy and capable even when you do not believe that you are! Increased wanting and allowing strengthens the connection to your soul. This week commit to follow your “nagging” inner spirit, and look for the evidence of your soul emerging. And so it is!

Now, go forward and life an inspired life.