Meditative Thought 15

All Is Well…

No matter what you see… all is well.

No matter what you feel… all is well.

No matter what your financial situation is… all is well.

No matter what others say about you… all is well.

No matter how much self-doubt you have… all is well.

No matter how many times you have to start over, all is well.

No matter the diagnosis… all is well.

No matter how lonely you may feel… all is well.

You must believe that you are exactly where you are supposed to be! When you stop resisting and questioning the space that you are in today you will unleash endless possibilities. You have heard people say that there are no accidents or mistakes. You may have even said it yourself, and if you know that God, the Universe, Spirit, a higher power is conspiring on your behalf then you know that no matter the circumstance, all is well. This week look for every ink spot of positivity in your life, no matter how challenging it may be. Then expect that ink spot to grow into an overflowing river of ever increasing good in your life. Your daily thoughts must originate from your ink spot of positivity. Your commitment to looking for the smallest pieces of good things in your life is a powerful step towards going from where you are to where you want to be. This week choose to allow yourself to genuinely feel the bright side of every experience, and if this leads to a better week then consider doing this for a lifetime. Now, go forward and live an inspired life!

Meditative Thought 14

Meditation is a basic component of living an inspired life. It allows the quite beauty of silence to create a deeper connection with your soul and with the source of all creation. This sacred time that you set aside each day to focus and medtiate will open your ears to hear the whispers of your soul, and connect you to your soul driven purpose.

Select the meditative thought or thoughts that match where you are now or where you want to be, repeat it to yourself throughout your week and know that it is ALREADY done.

  • I give my body what it needs to be healthy and I do it with joy.
  • I am healthy and I am whole.
  • My life and relationships support my desires.
  • I am good enough just as I am today.
  • My body knows what it needs to heal… mind, body and spirit.
  • I will not allow fear to control me. I will observe its presence, thank it for trying to protect me, say goodbye and disengage from all thoughts supporting its presence in my life.
  • I understand that fear is not an attribute of my true self. I will align my thoughts with my source at all times.

You are supported and loved. Now, go forward and live an inspired life!


Commit To The Decision To Reach For A Better Day!

There are times when we have unwanted feelings and emotions that we do not understand. We can’t identify the exact cause or the contributing factors, but we know that we are irritable, angry, sad or just plan confused. The task during those times is not always to figure out the root of the feeling. Revelation does not usually provide the highly sought permanent resolution. It often leads to destructive thoughts, such as; I know the cause and the problem so why can’t I resolve it now? Most often the useful task is to shift our focus by shifting our thoughts and reach for a better feeling. It is from the space of feeling better that we are then able to attract situations and people that support our desire to experience joy. The shift can be prompted by something as simple as music, meditation, a conversation with a positive friend, an intense and welcomed sexual adventure. Your task is to give yourself permission to welcome the shift without guilt, fear, judgment and doubt. Embrace the uncertainty of the cause while committing to the decision to reach for a better day.

Picking Up The Pieces

Picking up the pieces is not really picking up the pieces…or is it? All pieces, including the small ones, sharp ones and the gigantic ones are parts of your whole. Picking up the pieces is really your soul’s opportunity to help mature and grow you in ways that only experience can. We often repeat the same mistakes over and over again, but each time is not in vein. It takes you one step closer to the realization that you must do something differently and that is the start of permanent change. So try not to beat yourself up with negative thoughts, words and actions. Instead, realize that you are getting closer and closer to the space you desire, and it is only the need for you to master this step that causes the same mistake to persist. There may be pain and even tears, but in the end your soul will strengthen you. So pay close attention to your patterns and develop a plan of action when the triggers that contribute to your mistakes surface. It’s time to grow. It’s time to change. It’s time to move forward!

Always Remember The Purist Form Of Love…

Self love is the most powerful and purist of loves because it gives you the capacity to genuinely and deeply love others.  You are only able to give what you have…nothing more and nothing less.  This week take a day to ponder  self love and what that means to you. Is it a foreign concept or very intimate detail in your life? Let the love that you share with yourself and others free your soul to be what it has come to this earth to be! If you do not feel self love do not worry. It is there eagerly waiting for you to remove the negative habits and self talk that do not allow it to shine through and guide you to your personal freedom. Choose this week to begin looking for the evidence that you love yourself.