The Road To Greatness Can Be A Lonely One

The road to greatness can be a lonely one, but if you decide to make it through you will see that it was well worth the time spent in solitude. When you embark upon the authentic work of your soul you must to be prepared to stay focused! When your usual family and friends do not understand the decisions that you are making, you must find strength and courage in knowing that your focus is not to make them understand!  This may feel uncomfortable, and that is okay because it is during the uncomfortable moments in your life that you experience growth. As you bravely walk each step of this journey, it is critical that you begin relying upon and trusting in your soul’s guidance. This can be very unearthing if you have not had sufficient practice, and most of us have not, this is your time! You have a purpose for being on this earth at this designated time and in the exact place that you are in your life right now. There have been no mistakes only skill building exercises to prepare you for your path. I am sure that you have heard the saying that everything you need is already within you.  Your life’s journey has helped you to gain the “everything that you need.” Everything you have experienced in your life was necessary and tailor made just for you.  Yes, I did say EVERYTHING! Including the good, the bad, the ugly, the “unfair”, the planned and unplanned.

Now, the start of this journey is a time for silence because it is within that silence that you will began to hear and develop trust.  Although you will want to share your creative ideas and moments of inspiration with others…THIS IS NOT THE TIME TO SHARE. In the beginning your trust and belief in your ability to fulfill the work your soul has revealed to you is fragile and can be shattered by an unexpectedly expectant response from someone else. You will want to believe that if you share your wonderful path with your brother, sister, friend, mother and/or father they are going to say, “wow, that’s great! You will be very successful…!” Here is the problem.  Even if they said those exact words you will likely read into their tone, body language, word selection and what was implied but not stated. Based on their actual or implied input you will arrive at a conclusion based on your history and relationship with the person(s). Although you may walk away with an accurate or inaccurate interpretation of the conversation, this process will likely contribute to self-doubt and questioning. Neither of which is needed at this stage of the game. So take a deep breath and prepare for the wonderful gifts that come in the silence of greatness. Until next week, take many moments to just breathe!