What Energy Are You Exchanging With The Universe?

Think of personal energy as the non-visible personal frequency that radiates from the core of your inner spirit every second of every day.  Every person has his or her own personal energy frequency, and as we live our lives every day we exchange this energy with every person that enters our energy zone. The exchange may be small with less impact on your life or it may be significant. These interactions are considered the foundation of the energy exchange network.  Energy exchanges are considered a network because what happens in one exchange automatically influences other exchanges.  For example, let’s say that you had an intense argument with your girlfriend/boyfriend and then decided to get in the car and leave. As you try to get on the freeway you begin yelling and cursing other drivers because the other cars are not yielding to allow you to enter. Now, this situation can resolve in a number of ways, but the exchange is much more intense because you are carrying the negative energy from the exchange with your significant other. The size, depth and scope of the network is equivalent and synonymous with the size, depth and scope of the universe because they are one in the same. What energy are you sharing with the universe?